Heart health

9 Things You Should Know About Your Heart

Keeping your heart healthy should be one of your top priorities. After all, it is what keeps you alive. Here are 9 things you should know about heart health. 1. Include More Omega 3 And 6 Fatty Acids These compounds are good for you as they reduce your bad cholesterol levels and improve your overall health. High cholesterol can […]

The benefits of foam rolling

What Is Foam Rolling?

In a world where getting regular treatments from physiotherapists and chiropractors is a luxury only few can afford, finding an alternative inexpensive method to relax tense and overactive muscles becomes a priority. Luckily a solution can be found in foam rolling. How Foam Rolling Began Initially gaining popularity in 1980s among performance artists, foam rolling […]

Diet and fitness go and in hand

Correct Diet or Exercise: Which One Makes More Of A Difference?

Working towards the body of your dreams is no easy task. It is an ongoing battle that requires dedication and vigour. Some people find that getting and maintaining their ideal body shape is easier than others make it out to be. However, for the vast majority of us trying to stay in shape is an ongoing war between our love […]

Why you need calcium

How Your Body Absorbs Calcium

Nutrients are substances that provide our bodies with the nourishment we need for health, growth and daily life. Without consuming and absorbing adequate, quality nutrients every day, we cannot live. Calcium is one of these nutrients. Nutrients are Broken into Two Categories  Macronutrients Macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. We need a lot of […]

Become an expert motivator

How to become a motivator for others

Getting to the gym is easy, right? It’s getting to the gym regularly (or doing the last two reps on a tough exercise) that’s difficult. This is why it’s so important for professionals in the health and fitness industry to hone their motivational skills: Because their clients depend on them. There are ways to become […]

Get ahead in the fitness industry

The secret to getting ahead in the fitness industry

The phenomenal growth of the fitness industry doesn’t surprise anyone. After all, health and wellness have become major priorities for millions of people. In response to the demand, new gyms and wellness centres crop up by the dozens. This is great news if you’re in the fitness industry (or plan to get into it). But […]

Hamstring flexibility

Why you should practise your hamstring flexibility

Being physically strong and fit is about more than just being able to lift heavy weights, run fast or run long distances. Physical fitness is a combination of various physical abilities all working in synchronicity. It includes muscle power or strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance, muscle endurance, and flexibility especially in muscles such as your […]

The importance of the rectus abdominis

How the rectus abdominis and the erector spinae keep you upright

Our muscles (such as the rectus abdominis), joints and bones allow us to live and perform everyday activities. The healthier our muscles, bones and joints are, the easier we will be able to go about our daily life. However, neglecting these vital components of your body can lead to serious injury that will make living comfortably […]

The composition of bones

How bones are composed

Bones are the fundamental part of our skeletons which are crucial to us as human beings as if these don’t function the way that they are supposed to, our movement is hampered. Think about when part of your skeleton is compromised when – for example – your leg is broken. You can’t walk properly – […]

Positive mental benefits for the elderly

The positive mental effects of physical exercise for the elderly

When we talk about the benefits of exercise among the elderly, we usually focus on the physical benefits. Scientists have found that older adults can improve their brain function as well with exercise! Take a look. Researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center wanted to find out whether – as we age – our […]

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