Life Coaching Certification

Being a life coach is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world. Why? The pace of life is increasing at a rate that we haven’t seen before. Deadlines are always for “yesterday” and the requirements for innovation is always nipping at your heels. This is where a life coach comes in. This is a person who you can bounce ideas off and who will walk with you in every decision you make. So whether for yourself, to practise in your own life, or to help clients, our accredited life coaching certification is THE course to study!

Modules include:

  • Assessing the client
  • Business/marketing tools
  • Career coaching
  • Client/coach relationship
  • Demonstrations
  • Dynamics of interaction
  • Nutrition
  • Presentation
  • Principles of wellness
  • Relationship coaching
  • Self-coaching development
  • The right skills for the job
  • Understanding the role of a life coach
  • The right skills for the job
  • What right skills for the job



  • Become an accredited life coach and set yourself up, career wise, for life.
  • Live a richer and more fulfilling life with your newly acquired skills.
  • Study online at your own pace.
  • Get an international certification which is accredited with COMENSA.

Trifocus Fitness Academy India’s state-of-the-art online learning platform

We are proud to have a cutting-edge online learning platform. Your dedicated learning portal will give you access to the full benefit of our world-class education – when it’s convenient for you.

What will be on your student gateway:

  • All assessments
  • Animated and interactive games to test your knowledge
  • Progress trackers
  • Thousands of slides with informative information and colourful images
  • Unlimited access to the online platform
  • Videos, including exercise and anatomical footage


Payment Plan

Rs 24 999

Rs 7 499.70 Deposit

Rs 4 374.83 (4 Months) Payment Plan

Rs 24 999 Total

* Fee Excludes Service Tax


Rs 24 999

Rs 3 749.85 15% Discount

Rs 21 249.15 Total

* Fee Excludes Service Tax



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