Exercise and Children Course

A child’s mind is like a sponge. Anything that you teach him or her will stay with them well into their adulthood. This means that if you want children to adopt good exercise habits, it’s essential that you get them moving from an early age! Trifocus Fitness Academy India’s Exercise for Children Certification (which includes our highly regarded Exercise Science Certification) will equip you with all the skills you need to design and instruct exercise programmes for children.

Modules include:  

  • Benefits and risks associated with physical activity for children and youth
  • Demonstrate and lead exercise programmes, utilising correct techniques
  • Designing appropriate exercise programmes
  • Ensure safe utilisation of fitness accessories
  • Plan and modify exercise programmes, according to the health and fitness status of the youth involved
  • Supervision and monitoring techniques recommended for this special group
  • Anatomy
  • Assessments
  • Concepts of Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Physiology


  • Have a direct influence on moulding and shaping children’s future health and become a certified fitness professional for children.
  • Get a sought-after qualification that is internationally recognised through CATHSSETA.
  • Learn when you want and where you want with our online learning platform.
  • Make your passion for fitness your career!

We are proud to have a cutting-edge online learning platform. Your dedicated learning portal will give you access to the full benefit of our world-class education – when it’s convenient for you.

What will be on your student gateway:

•    All assessments
•    Animated and interactive games to test your knowledge
•    Progress trackers
•    Thousands of slides with informative information and colourful images
•    Unlimited access to the online platform
•    Videos, including exercise and anatomical footage


Payment Plan

Rs 17 999

Rs 5 399.70 Deposit

Rs 4 199.77 (3 Months) Payment Plan

Rs 17 999 Total

* Fee Excludes Service Tax


Rs 17 999

Rs 2 699.85 15% Discount

Rs 15 299.15 Total

* Fee Excludes Service Tax



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