How to become a motivator for others

How to become a motivator for others

Getting to the gym is easy, right? It’s getting to the gym regularly (or doing the last two reps on a tough exercise) that’s difficult. This is why it’s so important for professionals in the health and fitness industry to hone their motivational skills: Because their clients depend on them. There are ways to become a more effective motivator (which in turn, makes you an even more effective personal trainer or nutritionist). Here are five expert strategies.

1. Say goodbye to these old tricks

If your go-to motivation style is to use incentive or fear, then we’ve got bad news for you: Both of these are proven to be ineffective as motivator techniques. They may work, for a short time. But they lose their novelty fast. Read on to learn the strategies that make you far more motivating.
2. Get your client’s enthusiastic commitment

As a personal trainer your clients generally have clear goals in mind. But they sometimes don’t know how to reach these goals. And this is where you come in.

But getting your clients to commit to a programme, in order to reach these goals means you have to get their buy-in. They need to establish their goals with you and they need to work with you to design a programme that reaches these goals.

Make sure you have a goal-setting discussion at the start of your journey together and be sure to record and discuss your client’s progress regularly. This helps you become an A-class motivator for them.

3. Be the inspiration

Have you ever met a motivator who was so skilled, knowledgeable and passionate about the very thing you’re trying to be good at, that they inspired you to work harder, learn more and be better?

That’s the person you have to be – the inspiration, the muse, the example. And to do this, you have to be the guru master extraordinaire. So make sure you know everything there is to know about your chosen industry or profession. Get as much experience as you can get. And hone your skills.

4. The space is as important as the stuff that happens inside it

The environment you work in should be motivating too. Ask yourself: Does it offer your personal training clients the quality, comfort and professionalism you promise them? Does it facilitate the right kind of interactions with your client so that you can build a caring, trusting and successful relationship with them?

5. Make sure it makes your clients smile

We’re programmed to want to repeat an activity if it’s fun. So if you want your personal training clients to keep coming back to you, to enjoy their time with you, then make it fun. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. But if your client is smiling, feeling elated or content, they’re more likely to feel motivated too (and committed!). And this will make you smile, right?

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