The positive mental effects of physical exercise for the elderly

The positive mental effects of physical exercise for the elderly

When we talk about the benefits of exercise among the elderly, we usually focus on the physical benefits. Scientists have found that older adults can improve their brain function as well with exercise! Take a look.

Researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center wanted to find out whether – as we age – our brains benefit from exercise. They conducted a study in which they split a group of older adults into those who exercise and those who don’t. They split the exercisers into different groups. Each group had to partake in regular exercise of a differing intensity or duration.

Exercise has untold benefits for the elderly

As you’d expect, the exercisers (all of them) benefitted. Those who exercised more, benefitted more.
The researchers saw that the test subjects demonstrated improved visual-spatial processing. [Dr Kevin McGrew – Director of the Institute for Applied Psychometrics (llc) – says that visio-spatial processing is: “The ability to make use of simulated mental imagery (often in conjunction with currently perceived images) to solve problems. In other words, a person with visio-spatial problems has difficulty making sense of what he sees.] The test subjects also demonstrated improved attention levels and an ability to focus better.

Exercise intensity matters – a lot

The researchers found that it’s the intensity of the exercise that counts (and not necessarily the duration). To measure the intensity of the exercise, say exercise professionals, you can measure how the exercise makes you feel. Alternatively, you can use a heart-rate monitor. In a nutshell, what the researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center found is the intensity has to be sufficient to increase your fitness level.

New studies are being carried out to see if exercise in old age can offer remedy to people who suffer with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or memory problems.

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