The secret to getting ahead in the fitness industry

The secret to getting ahead in the fitness industry

The phenomenal growth of the fitness industry doesn’t surprise anyone. After all, health and wellness have become major priorities for millions of people. In response to the demand, new gyms and wellness centres crop up by the dozens.

This is great news if you’re in the fitness industry (or plan to get into it). But it also means you’ll have a tough time differentiating yourself given the competitive nature of the industry.

That said, it’s not impossible to become a fitness industry rock star.

We asked a few industry experts what their secret is. And they all said the same thing: They learned to really take care of their clients. And their clients did a lot of their marketing for them by telling their friends and family how wonderful they are!

Here are three ways you can do this too.

1. Create SLAs to give your clients the best

Your relationship with any client is a two-way street: They want your help to lose weight. And you expect them to show up every day or two.

You know your client won’t get results if he doesn’t commit. But he needs regular reminders, reassurances and motivation to keep him on track.

The solution? A written agreement with each client, stating their goals as well as the commitments both parties will make to reach those goals. And you can have a monthly check-in session where you measure your client’s progress and celebrate small victories along the way. This not only holds you both accountable but it offers tangible or visible motivation for the client.

2. Treat your VIPs like your favourite people

It’s a fact. You’ll spend seven times more cash trying to get a new client than you do to keep an existing client. And it’s the existing clients (you know, your fans) who refer their friends and colleagues to you (which boosts your profits!).

This means you can’t afford to neglect your existing clients. Yes, it’s tempting to spend money on the marketing that brings new clients to your door. But it’s been proven that the money is better spent retaining your VIP clients to give them value and earn their loyalty.

Spend a bit of time creating client lists. Identify the VIPs – the clients who are very loyal, have no qualms about spending money on your products and services. Treat them like they’re your favourite people.

Send them e-mails, offering them valuable information, specials and discounts, and so on. Make sure you go the extra mile for these clients. Get them an espresso to help them wake up before their 5am gym session. Or gift them with a jar of your bespoke bath soak to help them ease their tired muscles. Or perhaps send them a get-well note when they’re ill.

Your efforts will be rewarded!

3. Create excitement

Remember when your first client arrived for their first appointment with you? They were so excited, so eager and enthusiastic. Fast forward to their most recent session with you: Is that sense of excitement still there?

If not, you should ask why. Find out what DOES excite and inspire your clients. And do more of it. In fact, you should stay in touch with clients regularly anyway. Not only because it’s key to client retention (which we’ve just discussed) but also because your passion for fitness and your motivation to reach the client’s goals are infectious and will in turn motivate the client too.

Put these simple tips into practice today, and you’ll be a fitness industry celebrity in no time!

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