5 types of protein powders explained

5 types of protein powders explained

Anyone who’s ever decided to embark on a weight-training routine knows that in order to build muscle you need to increase the amount of protein that you consume. Although chicken breasts and eggs are excellent , these can get a little boring. As an alternative, why not try a protein powder? There are so many types out there so you need to be careful to choose one that is best for you.

Whey protein powder

Possibly the purest form of this macronutrient out there, whey is made from milk – so not great if you’re lactose intolerant – and is easily digestible. It has the most beneficial effect if you consume it 60 minutes after your workout. If you choose to go for this , rather choose the isolate – and not the concentrate – version as the former contains more protein.

Casein protein powder

Casein  is also made from milk but is absorbed by the body very slowly. This means that after you’ve consumed casein, you’ll feel fuller for longer. Says registered dietitian, Heather Mangieri, this property makes it great for meal replacements.


Soy is a great source of protein for vegetarians. However, because it’s highly processed experts don’t advise that you it as your sole source of protein.

Brown rice

A little-known fact is that brown rice contains marginal amounts of protein, although the major component of brown rice is carbohydrates. As brown rice is hypo-allergenic, it’s a great for people who have sensitive stomachs or are sensitive to dairy.

Pea protein

Peas are high in glutamic acid, which means that these play a big part in converting carbohydrates into energy, and not letting them be stored as fats. As it is a plant-based protein, in order to get your full quota of protein it’s recommended that you consume it with other sources of vegetarian protein, such as brown rice.


Hemp protein is high in omega 6 fatty acids, which means that it is a good option for fighting inflammation. Some studies even suggest that hemp is more effective in weight-loss regimes than other protein powders.

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